Saleem Bhatti, University of St Andrews, UK.  

I am interested in networked and distributed systems, from systems architecture and communication protocols to applications (see here for more details).

I am part of the Networked and Distributed Systems (NDS) Research Group.

My publications are here.

Current PhD Students

I am on the lookout for PhD students for St Andrews! My topics of interest can be found here.

Currently, I am supervising the following students:

Graduated PhD Students

  • Yi Yu (October 2014) - Enabling Energy Awareness of ICT Users To Improve Energy Efficiency During Use of Systems
  • Michael Rogers (July 2011) - Private and Censorship-Resistant Communication over Public Networks
  • Devan Rehunathan (May 2011) - Enabling Network Mobility Support
  • Greg Bigwood (March 2011) (supervisor, Tristan Henderson) - Using Self-Reported Social Networks to Improve Opportunistic Networking
  • Yang Cheng Huang (Nov 2007) - Improving Signalling Performance of Proactive MANET Routing Protocols
  • Yee-Ting Li (Sep 2006) - An Investigation into Transport Protocols and Data Transport Applications over High Performance Networks
  • Marcelo Pias (Apr 2004) (supervisor, Steve Wilbur) - IP Metering and Charging for QoS
  • Tristan Henderson (Apr 2003) - The effects of relative delay in networked games
  • Dina Papagiannaki (Mar 2003) - Provisioning IP Backbone Networks Using Measurements (Winner of the 2003 CPHC/BCS Distinguished Dissertations Competition)
  • Panos Gevros (Oct 2001) (supervisor, Peter Kirstein) - Congestion control and resource management for IP

Current projects

  • ILNP - Identifier Locator Network Protocol
  • IU-ATC - Indo-UK Advanced Technology Centre in Next Generation Networks

Previous projects

  • D-SCENT - Countering deception through the use of data "scent trails" (EPSRC)
  • MASTS - Measurement at All Scales in Time and Space (EPSRC)
  • 46PaQ - IPv4 & IPv6 Performance and QoS (EPSRC)
  • ESLEA - Exploiting Switched Lightpaths for E-science Applications (EPSRC, PPARC, MRC & DTI)
  • NETSYS CoE - e-Science/Grid Centre of Excellence in Networked Systems (e-Science/EPSRC)
  • NRS - Network Resource Scheduler (EPSRC & PPARC)
  • MB-NG - Managed Bandwidth Next Generation (PPARC & EPSRC)
  • UKLIGHT - now integrated as the Janet Lightpath facility
  • 6NET - Large-Scale International IPv6 Pilot Network (EU)
  • PROMILE - Programmable Modular Router (EPSRC)
  • FORM - Supporting Dynamic Federated Organisations Management (EU)
  • IBCoBN - Integrated Broadband Communications over Broadcast Networks (EU)
  • MIDAS - Management In Distributed Application Services (EU)
  • MISA - Management for Integrated SDH and ATM (EU)
  • QEDANA - QoS Engine Enabling Dynamic Adaptation for Network Adaptations (HP Labs Bristol)
  • PROOF - Primary Rate ISDN Open Office (EU)
  • ICM - Integrated Communications Management (EU)
  • NEMSYS - Network Management Systems (EU)