DCNDS 1999-2000

Click on one of these small pictures to get the bigger version. Then, for a file that gives you a reasonable printed copy, click on the bigger picture to get a 600dpi JPEG (85%) version (each photo is ~0.5MB to ~1MB in size). If anyone wants the full 600dpi JPEG (100%) version of a picture, then let me know ... they are about 5-6MB per picture so I have not put links to them here.

group-2.jpg (68883 bytes) maamj-1.jpg (45860 bytes) maamj-2.jpg (72034 bytes) anvil-1.jpg (63006 bytes)
yyae-1.jpg (58551 bytes) tnkb-1.jpg (59714 bytes) tnkb-2.jpg (47187 bytes) group-1.jpg (55876 bytes)
es-1.jpg (35105 bytes) nt-1.jpg (38755 bytes) t-1.jpg (33777 bytes) s-1.jpg (44584 bytes)
jgwa-1.jpg (44442 bytes) group-3.jpg (75929 bytes)

Saleem Bhatti
14 September 2000